Members Details

Kathy Farrow

” With the orchestra I can escape into the music!”

Richard Siegal

“I enjoy playing in the orchestra. Members are friendly, it has a low pressure atmosphere, and I just have fun.”

True Moore

“The orchestra is full of experienced players who are very accepting of younger, less experienced players such as myself. It feels like one big happy family and I look forward to each practice as I learn something new each time.”

Randy Flint

” This orchestra is a great place to bring together musicians of all levels. It plays an important role in our community by providing amateur musicians opportunities to perform as well as improve their skills. The wide variety of music that we play is both fun to listen to as well as to perform. The free concerts help to increase the sense of community in our city.”

Marissa Manning

“Being in this orchestra for so many years has been such a blessing in my life. I love being able to create something beautiful that I can share with others.”

Matthew Walker

“I love music and I like to be around people who love music, which makes this orchestra a perfect fit for me.”

Julianne Baham

“I love to play my violin in this orchestra because it is a way that I can help serve our community.”